Tim Anstett


Tim has tremendous insight and intuition and made my life richer and more meaningful. He knows more about how to achieve growth than any other person I have met.

    - Leslie A. Blau, attorney



Tim Anstett is the Old Fool of the Tao and is available for:

- Workshops and Presentations,

- TaoLessons, and 

- TaoCoaching.

Workshops and Presentations by Tim Anstett include: The Tao of Laughter and Desire, The Te of Power, Virtue and Integrity, Honorable Work and A New Path: The Way North.

TaoLessons is an ongoing class conducted by the Old Fool of the Tao in how the Tao Te Ching can help you embrace your life and discover your destiny.

TaoCoaching by the Old Fool of the Tao is unique: it has no plan or specific process for the candidate to follow. You and Tim merely explore your desires and sorrows together, understand what gives you pleasure, and soon learn the wisdom of being available, present and empty to your life, the power of posssessing simplicity, patience and compassion, and the joy of embracing life and helping others.  From this, you will forge a path to truth that is exclusively your own. TaoCoaching is recommended to extend through nine in-person, one-to-one sessions with Tim and eighteen journaling emails from you to him over those nine weeks.

Order your copy today of The Tao of Laughter and Desire from Amazon.com. 

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