the old fool of
the Tao

In my 80+ years on the planet, I have never met a more intuitive and insightful person than Tim Anstett. His ability to help people is marvelous. 

    - Robert Lipschultz, CPA (ret.)  

Taoist Coaching in self-direction


Embrace  your desires.

Understand and accept your sorrows.

Open yourself to others.


The Tao Te Ching has been unknotting confusion, clarifying  individual and group purpose and guiding people along their own, private way for over 2,500 years.  

This is what the Old Fool of the Tao can bring to you. 

You are never alone when you walk with Tim Anstett, the Old Fool of the Tao and author of The Tao of Laughter and Desire, as you discover your destiny and achieve greater, deeper intimacy with yourself and others. You are never lost, never weak, never blind as you connect with the natural power, virtue and integrity within everything around you.

Deepen your business, soften your career, broaden your effect; deepen your relationships, soften your edges, broaden your world: all this is possible.

The culmination of forty years of studying, practicing, reading and sometimes ignoring the master texts of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Wu Hsin, Tim will open you to the possibilities already inside you for serenity, accomplishment and the joyful participation in the sorrows of the world.

"Tim has made my life richer and more meaningful. He knows more about how to achieve growth than any other person I have met."

   - Leslie A. Blau, attorney


“[T]his isn’t one of those programs that tell you to change your thinking or start imagining better things in order to improve your life. The truth is often a pathless land, in fact, so I can only offer you a way to make your own way.,, Actually, I only offer you the opportunity to be aware that this way exists. The rest is up to you... I call it the Tao of Laughter and Desire.” 

- From “To Begin…” 

in The Tao of Laughter and Desire, by Tim Anstett

(c) 2019, by Timothy M. Anstett


Tim Anstett, The Old Fool of the Tao

   I have the heart of a fool.

- Chapter 64 : Tao Te Ching, Victor H. Mair, trans.

Tim Anstett is  a master at weaving individuals from disparate backgrounds into a cohesive, intimate and supportive group.  He is also the author of The Tao of Laughter and Desire and Honorable Work, as well as a few novels and plays, and contributed a chapter in Pearls of Wisdom. He currently manages a homeless prevention program for an agency in Chicago.  

Previously, he co-created and managed a corporate training firm that served and advised over 300 companies , coordinated and developed the personal growth groups of Victories for Men, coached high school boys’ basketball, wrote a weekly newspaper column, led a homeless men’s group  and managed significant theatre and dance companies in different cities. 

He created and leads all programs offered by The Old Fool of the Tao.